On Finishing Dissertation and Working for A Job (you thought) You Want

People often label us, millenials, as people who lacks of patience with tons of ambitions (Simon Sinek has discussed it in his viral video on millenials in workplace). Nothing is more fitted than his definition, indeed. Let me give you an example.

I previously dreamt of getting a scholarship to study abroad. I got the chance and did it in a year. It was fun, and hellish at the same time. I recalled how much I suffered during Ramadhan when I was also required to finish my dissertation during which I questioned myself for why the hell did i dream of studying abroad.

The next year, I graduated from the university and worked as a lecturer (teaching English to university students) in one fine university in my town (after struggling for almost 5 months to get a proper job). Soon, after finding out how my career would not proceed in the pace I expected, I moved to another university, this time a public university. It was exactly like what Simon said in his video. The millenials easily resign when they find they cannot make an impact or when they encounter obstacles (in my case I resigned because I feel like I deserved to be paid better).

I just started for two months when I felt like dying. I got more than 32 work hours in a week ( i am teaching lots of classes) and it was killing me! I, then, analyzed what went wrong. I got the scholarship I want, got the job i dream of, and here I am, feeling so exhausted after barely beginning my classes. Then i tried to change several habits of mine, began to be more cautious in managing my schedule, and tried to talk to other colleagues.

Things began to take shape. I found myself to be more relaxed. I tried quite hard to love my job, and teaching has not always been  all rosy and I found my pace. Everything would take time, and I learnt so hard not to push it over. I learnt to be patient, and enjoyed the present. However the thought of running faster would always come to mind although I believed I would manage to handle this.

Be patient, Fid. Don’t rush things.


The 71st Weekly Discussion: https://youtu.be/ucIMTbThnjM

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