On Solo Traveling, and How It Changed Me

I got tons of lessons when I solo traveled.
More than twice my room was occupied by men (a mixed room with 10 or 8 beds), and I was the only woman sleeping on the bunk bed for financial reason (its cheaper to stay in a mixed room). One day i just came back from a long train journey, and just arrived in my hostel at midnight, to be welcomed by four men wearing only undies, were extremely surprised by my sudden coming (i wear hijab to boot), and we said hi awkwardly. They greeted me, offered me some cereals. Nothing happened. Everything was safe, and I could sleep well.

DSC_3990On another day, I arrived in a small airport at midnight and decided to sleep in the airport, and was just realized i was the only woman sleeping there with lots of men sleeping on their seats beside me. Nothing happened. We just woke up awkwardly, said hi, and asked me if i needed some helps. On another journey, I was asleep on a train, and was awake at the last stop, and just reached the station (it was a mountainous village) at midnight. Unfortunately all the shops were closed, the lights were switched off and nobody was on the street. I was alone, and could not find my hostel. I decided to ask, and came into a pub, and asked for directions. It was a stupid decision and I got lots of weird gazes from the visitors but i was saved. People helped me, asked me questions, and even accompanied me to my hostel.
Travel solo, and you will know, the world is not that bad, there are lots of kind people regardless of their races or their religions. Travel solo, and so you will no longer judge people based on their races or religions because it is plain stupid!

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