Books on Wheels

(A Literacy Project by IRangers)

Reading books have long been known as beneficial for one’s future. Reading helps people to view the world from a different perspective. Reading allows people to expand knowledge. Reading also brings people to various places. Above all, reading teaches tolerances.

Students of MI Al Ikhlash are enthusiastic readers, given the fact that they still re-read secondhand magazines given to them last year during their recess time. They also ask for more books and magazines as they find reading is enjoyable and fun.

However, the school cannot provide books for the students due to some financial issues they encountered. It is difficult for the school committee to buy books as they also struggle to pay teachers’ salaries and improve the school facilities.

Knowing this, IRangers (a nonprofit organization based in Malang) proposed a project called “Books on Wheels”. The idea is to distribute borrowed books from libraries to the students. As the school is located in a rural region, it is hard for the students to borrow the books by themselves. The borrowed books will be returned in two weeks and be restocked with other books.

The team also struggled to collect secondhand books and borrow books from various institutions and people. Although the movement is not in large scale, the benefits have already been felt by the teachers. The students are now more enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The students also spend more time to read.


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