Beware of Those Helping You When You Travel Solo


My first solo travelling is to Turkey (I was on my way to Japan for a conference and got a 19hour transit in Istanbul). I was approached by a guy (probably in his 35) and he offered to be my guide. Given my super-careless personality, I didn’t brush him off and just nodded stupidly “yes, let’s travel together!” Then he kindly guided me to unexpected tourist destinations -which is not even in my list. He told me that those places are where locals go, and i just followed him obediently.

Turkey was really pretty at that time, it was spring, and tulips were blooming everywhere. When finally we passed a quiet alley, i began feeling super anxious and he looked at me, “fida, just be relaxed. Im not gonna do anything dangerous”, and I felt more anxious. So here we were, drinking a cup of Turkish coffee, while i was being watched by several guys (turned out it was a place for guys hanging out).
The next thing we did was heading toward a small alley where musical instruments were sold. I was super uncomfortable, but we still talked a lot, and I learned many things from him. Despite being afraid, i felt really bad if i just abandoned him since he was so nice. He told me he just wanted to practiced his English, but seriously how could i believe that?
So we strolled for 60 more minutes to Galata Tower and other tourism spots. I finally felt super bad and decided to lie, saying my flight would depart soon so I needed to go to the airport. We parted in Sultanahmet Mosque and I prayed there, hoping to safely arrive in the airport. I thought this meeting would end here, but it turned out to be another story.
I was departing to Japan then for around 8 days for a conference. I arrived at Turkey for my transit at the ninth day. It was 19 hour transit, and I went out to Istanbul for the second time, thinking that this time I would enjoy my trip and took lots of pictures. I was heading to Gulhane Park and was happy to see lots of tulips blooming when I heard a voice calling my name.
Oh no, oh no, i was almost screaming, why the hell this thing happened twice?
I met this exact same guy -with different outfit calling me and looked super happy. I told myself to run away, but yes, my stupidity brought me to another level. So this guy offered me to be my guide and i told him ‘okay’. This led me to another stroll around the city for around one hour. This guy began to talk a weird topic, such as his house in Ankara and his car. I did not comprehend his talk anyway, because I wanna run away really bad. I finally lied again, told him I would go to airport soon. He gave me his card, and told me to send him messages, he also told me to think about coming to Turkey and live with him -what the hell going on here. He further told me that he just got a divorce, looked for a young wife, and he thought it was a destiny to meet me for the second time -come on, this is scary.
So we parted peacefully and I went to the subway.

I would never ever trust a stranger (anymore)

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