This is Why You SHOULD Visit Switzerland

I do acknowledge that this country is bloody expensive, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed! On the late July, I decided to visit Switzerland and booked a flight ticket and accommodation for four days (5 nights). To keep my budget safe, I (stupidly) decided to sleep at Basel airport on the first day of my arrival, it was a 10.00PM flight, and the airport is rather small and isolated, and fortunately safe (thanks god, because I was travelling solo). At dawn th next day, I bought a travel day pass for four days and headed to Luzern, which is the centre of Switzerland.

My very first destination is to try the so-called one of the most scenic route in the word; Golden Pass Line, from Luzern to Montreaux. As I did not sleep well at night, I missed so many opportunities to capture the scenery (I was asleep for almost half of the journey, the train was so comfy and the weather was so good). Somehow, I still managed to capture some of the most unreal scenery I’ve seen in my life.


It took almost 8 hours for the train to arrive in Interlaken. As I felt dead tired, I went back to my accommodation in Valley Hostel in Lauterbrunnen, a small town 20 minutes from Interlaken. Waking up, I was mesmerized by the scenery outside my window. Tiny wooden houses were lining on top of the valleys, with the sound of waterfalls. There were 72 waterfalls in this valley, can you imagine how amazing it is? And they have tosca-colored rivers!


dsc_3862dsc_3905dsc_3928dsc_3929dsc_3988The next day, I tried the cogwheel train to reach Murren and hiked to Gimmelwald. This is one of the most rewarding ‘walk’in my whole life. The scenery was stunning, and it was quiet like no one visited this spot; which made me scream lots of times during the walk. The route was closed with other beautiful town called Stechelberg; where you can see the waterfalls, and the camps where people flocked to stay overnight under the valleys. (TBC)

3 thoughts on “This is Why You SHOULD Visit Switzerland

  1. ka, kereeen bgt pemandangannya.. berasa ngimpi saya klu bisa kesana juga.
    Kakak traveling ny bnr2 sendirian ke switzerland ny? Ga takut ka? Hehe..
    btw, di tunggu bgt ka cerita selanjutny ttg travelling ny.. Suka bgt ka ^^ ka, klu bisa ceritain makanan khas dsn ka, jd penasaran.. Hehe

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