Let me tell you something: they said Edinburgh is beautiful. Completely wrong: Edinburgh is soooo beautiful! It was my first impression when I first landed and literally walking around the city, from the airport, across the city, and reached my “home”, Richmond Place. It is a quiet place, surrounded by brownish building, with cute garden and apartment, and a church, an old one.


CIMG4861 CIMG4835 CIMG4830

Edinburgh is not too small, or too big: just as they said. It is so appealing that I dropped my jaw the first time I did my shopping. I was only walking around the city centre, but I never expected to meet such beautiful streets, and medieval buildings are almost everywhere. Surprisingly, Edinburgh has everything people would love to see: valley, parks, castles, and sea!

So I did my tour and found out that each corner of this city is quite magical. Though it’s surrounded by old buildings, it’s so cute and beautiful at the same time. The other thing that I envy the most: each tourism sites are within reach. You can pop in for shopping, and be surprised by the old castle appearing before your eyes, or seeing the sea, within your sight while you were in the centre of the city. Even its shopping mall has medieval touch!20150918_153736 20150915_103049 20150915_102316

The thing I still find it hard to deal with is the weather. It’s cold, no, it’s freezing. It’s windy and wet, but sometimes sunny. I came here during the summer, and it was 8 to 5 Celsius every day. I wore thick jackets, and dress by layers. I hid my hands inside my pockets a whole day. Another thing which is quite frustrating; Edinburgh is expensive! I lived in a standard building for students and need to pay 500pounds each month which is equal to 10 million rupiah! The prices of everything are quite depressing; I need to pay 5pounds for a set of meal (without drink) which is equal to one hundred thousand rupiah. So I decided to cook my own meals. I cooked everything with my very own basic skill: and it’s painful. I don’t think I can eat something decent during these times. But it’s okay.

It is a small price, compared to where I’m living now; and for what I am going to get in the future. Here I am: trying to adjust my self, cure my heart (this is so bad: homesick level 90%), and begin to study. Now that I get a scholarship from Indonesia fund, I’m responsible for being a good student, and do something BIG and USEFUL for my country in the next 12 months.


(I know that His plans are always better than my dreams)


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